About Brazilian Google’s President arrest order

Shooting the messenger?! No! Definitely not.

Read this (From Marcelo Thompson):

Brazilian Judiciary is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. Not Google! The arrest order was determined because Google defies a regular court order. The issue is NOT connected with freedom of expression.

Brazilian Law 

Constitution of Brazil

Title II –  Fundamental Rights and Guarantees

Article 5

XXXV – The law shall not exclude any injury or threat to a right from the consideration of the Judicial Power;

The Judicial Power

Article 92. The following are the bodies of the Judicial Power: 

I – the Supreme Federal Court;
I-A – the National Council of Justice;
II – the Superior Court of Justice;
III – the Federal Regional Courts and the Federal Judges;
IV – the Labour Courts and Judges;
V – the Electoral Courts and Judges;
VI – the Military Courts and Judges;
VII – the Courts and Judges of the states, of the Federal District and of the territories.

(*) Google, Inc. is NOT here in this LAW! Who has to tell if something is or is not against the Brazilian law is not Google, Inc. Is the Brazilian Judicial Power and more: court decisions MUST be complied. One thing is to reform a wrong decision through an appeal. Another thing, quite different, is challenging The Judicial Power of a country not complying a court order while the appeal is being judged. This is precisely what is under discussion here in Brazil. The mainstream media needs to understand. Freedom of speech is not the issue!And is not under any risk or danger in Brazil. In contrast, who is at risk is the credibility and power of the Brazilian Judicial Power.

(*) In Portuguese Listen and read this and this.

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