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UK lawsuit representing 4.4 million people could cost Google billions

quinta-feira, maio 24th, 2018

iPhone users suing Google Worldwide over spying claims #G11000

segunda-feira, maio 21st, 2018

Google and Business of War #G11000

quinta-feira, maio 17th, 2018

Google #G11000 employees are resigning over the company’s AI PENTAGON secret contract.

terça-feira, maio 15th, 2018

This system instantly edits videos to make it look like you’re saying something you’re not

terça-feira, maio 8th, 2018

Crooked Hillary’s System of self-destruction GMAIL #G11000

sexta-feira, maio 4th, 2018

Google power in Europe is out of control #G11000

sexta-feira, maio 4th, 2018